An effective PRD identifies the new product’s goal, target users and what capabilities must be included in a new product release to development and testing teams. It also helps business teams to effectively collaborate among teams to market the product and delight the customers.

✅ Less is more. As Jim Barksdale, former CEO of Netscape Communications used to say, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Focus is vital.

✅ Keep it up-to-date — Writing a PRD is a collaborative process. To ensure that everyone stays on the same…

This article will cover two methods (HttpURLConnection and HttpClient)to read the response and then convert it into the string.

Method 1:

We could use the API first as the code below:

The printing result is a JSON array. Add this Maven dependency into the pom.xml to handle the response body later:

Now, we are going to parse the JSON array into string using this method:

Remember to comment on this line in the main method:


and add this command instead:


Method 2:

Or we could use theHttpClient API as following to replace the first method which is HttpURLConnection :

Voila! We can send an GET request and convert the JSON array response into the string type now.

I faced the above issue when installing keras == 2.3.1.

pip install keras==2.3.1

If you encounter the same issues when you want to play deep learning, here is the simple solution. Open the terminal and type the following to install jupyter in your tensorflow environment:

conda install jupyter notebook

I hope you don’t have any problem now.

If there is any problem, please comment below. :)

Thank you❤️

No matter what kind of data you want to access, the most important thing must be saving the data. Therefore, I’d like to know how to handle tables and save them to the most multi-use format, which is CSV!

1. Purpose

a) handle different tables(e.g. CSV, excel…etc.)

b) use it to be a representative data set for machine learning(every row stands for an object, every column represents a characteristic of the object)

c) integrate conveniently with common graphing library to plot beautiful graphs

The tables could be handled by Pandas.

2. Goal

I use Kaggle’s Ted data set to practice…

The main goal of account manager(AM) is decrease churn and increase product stickiness. AM is a post-sale role to continue to build a strategic relationship with clients once the deal is won — ensuring clients have a higher level of satisfaction and get advised on long-term growth.

What’s a typical day for an AM?

A typical day for an AM should involve creating a professional sales proposals for clients, communicating with their teams, dealing with client complaints and concerns, and sharing feedbacks from clients with internal team members.

What’s the must-have skills for being a successful AM?

An experienced account manager is able to identify key accounts(KA) and prioritize their time according to…

In this article, we look at how to read and write MS Word with docx via Python 3 on Mac. I’m gonna try to access and update my “Hello.docx” file via Python with the following steps.

“Hello.docx” file

Read Paragraphs


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